Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hi there invisible readers, and welcome to my temple of boredom.
Nice to Have you here, all two of you! (Hi mom..) So I guess this is the post where I'm supposed to tell not interesting details about myself;

So I'm 20 years young Ukrainian female from the holy lands of Israel. A proud book worm and a fashion lover, I love cats and unicorns and dream of loving someday in England and be a famous author.
I'm not the most social person you'll meet in your life, therefor I don't really have lots of friends, but instead of whining about it, I choose focus on the more interesting things in my life: music, books, fashion, my amazing boyfriend and fabulous cat.
I consider myself decent looking, but I don't consider myself beautiful. I don't think I'm ugly, I'm just not my cup of tea. Oh, and I love tea.
I am more of a winter person; I love long coats, high boots and big scarfs. But unfortunately the only thing my geographic location can provide for me is two up to three months of chill weather. So my long red coat really can't do much for me as long as I love here, which is a shame cause I spent loads of money on it! But oh well, I'm a woman; It's perfectly normal for me to spend huge amounts of money on expensive clothing I will never use.

So I want to thank to the kind bored people who took their time and read this post.
I wish ya'll a glittery, fluffy, warm day 

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